Products we Trust


Colgate PreviDent Sensitive

PreviDent is a prescription strength fluoride toothpaste that contains potassium nitrate, which decreases dentinal hyper sensitivity...especially with patients that may have recession and increased cold sensitivity.



Zoom Day Whitening Gel

You ready to have some super pearly whites? With the new zoom day white bleaching gel you only have to wear your bleaching trays up to 30 minutes a session and has less sensitivity than any other whitening brands we have ever tried. The zoom day white is a 14% maximum sensitivity relief formula.



Waterpik Waterflosser Ultra

The Waterpik allows you to add antibacterial agents that will help disinfect deep pockets! The Waterpik is convenient for all patients in orthodontics and that have periodontal disease. It comes conveniently cordless or corded for preference! To purchase click the link below.


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PreviDent Dry Mouth

PreviDent Dry mouth is a prescription strength fluoride toothpaste. We recommend this toothpaste for people with extreme dry mouth because with decreased saliva comes an increased possibility of tooth decay. (Bye-bye fuzzy mouth feeling!)


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Sonicare Toothbrush

We LOVE the Sonicare toothbrush! With the Sonicare toothbrush you will receive 31,000 strokes a minute and it even has a built in timer! It's compact brush head will help you get to those hard to reach areas!